Progressive Fusion group led by the Saxophonist/EWI player Yusuke Musumiya and Guitarist Daisuke Kunita.  Main characteristics of the group consisting of the use of Jazz-based compositional approach on Metal, Progressive rock, and Fusion. The Group also integrates odd time signatures, modern harmonic elements to their music.
Enigmatic Drive
2nd Album 2012.3.20 ON SALE


Vega Music Entertainment Inc.



2.Enigmatic Drive-Theme

3.Begin Before You Finish

4.Fusion Vol.1


6.Believe in the Future

7.The Milky Way

8.Genetic Core-Structure

9.My Neighbor is a Little Green Man

10.I know that you know

11.Enigma-The Call

12.The Shooting Star



Recorded in Studio Dede,

2011, May recorded


Musicians on the album:

Yusuke Musumiya(Sax,EWI,Vo)

Daisuke Kunita(Electric&Acoustic Guitar)

Taku Yabuki(Key/Synth)

Ryosuke Nikamoto(E.Bass)

Eiji Tanaka(Drums)


















Enigmatic Drive 2nd album, released from Vega Music Entertainment Inc. in 2012.3.20.


On top of the signature technical odd meters and metal/classical tunes, they have introduced synthesized vocal and wind synthesizer "EWI" in this album.


Shane Gibson, the touring guitarist of Korn, has commented "The Beautiful melodies soars above the intense rhythmic atmosphere. The Core fans should definitely listen to this."


He also noted the Daisuke Kunita's guitar playing as, "Phenomenal blend of jazz and metal phrases.  Daisuke unites countless styles of music and makes it sound his own naturally without missing its fundamental feelings."


The Guitarist of Screaming Headless Torsos, David Fiuscynski, also gave praise to this album.


13 tracks.



Enigmatic Drive
1st Album 2009.3.25 ON SALE
「Black Box-Multi Dimensions」


Vega Music Entertainment Inc.


1.Superhero in Car Accident

2.Black Box-Multi Dimensions

3.High Above

4.Force-Alteration in Genetic Revolution

5.Show Me The Way-Movement.1

6.Show Me The Way-Movement.2

7.SWAT-12:15am The Blue Sky


Recorded in Studio Dede,



Musicians on the album:

Yusuke Musumiya(Alto sax)

Daisuke Kunita(Guitar) 

Kan Sano(Key,Synth)

Miyako Funayama(key,Synth)

Ryosuke Nikamoto(E.Bass)

Hiroki Murakami(Drums)  










Released in 2009.3.25 from Vega Music Entertainment Inc. as a 1st studio-recorded album of Enigmatic Drive.


"Filled with power, confidence, and originality, Yusuke Musumiya's Enigmatic Drive is an astonishing and intense statement that points to dynamic new music." John Zorn


"It is innovative and creative! You hear a lot of music that has only part of it, but Yusuke is succeeding to make it coexist, beautiful!!" Judy Beechler, Remule Product CEO


"Melodies created by Musumiya, along with exciting improvisations by the musical and technically superb musicians makes this album a well-crafted masterpiece." Young Guitar Magazine

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