How to Order the Albums

All of the albums below can be ordered at, HMV, Tower Records, and Disc Union.

Please enter the artist name or Album title, CD BIN number(VGDOPL-0009, etc)

If you click the title below, it will transfer you to the Amazon page for purchase.

Enigmatic Drive「Variation」VGDOPL0011

2500 yen

Enigmatic Drive「Black Box-Multi Dimensions」VGDOPL0009
2360 yen
Yusuke Musumiya Jazz Group「Light and dark adaptation」VGDOPL0012
2360 yen


​You could also order from Vega Music Entertainment Inc. <from here

Below title is limited pressed release and only sold at live shows or via mail.  Please email at with the title "CD Order", and include your name and address, name of the artist and the title of the CD in the e-mail.  We will send you back the bank account for you to wire the money or via PAYPAL.(additional shipping charge will be added to the final price)

Vocalise+「Progressive Vocoder Music」VOCD-1001

2000 yen 

Yoshihiro Shibata Group「INFINITY」SMPC-0012
2000 yen