Yusuke Musumiya

Alto Saxophonist/EWI/Composer

Yusuke Musumiya is an Alto Saxophonist and EWI player living and performing in Tokyo, Japan. Yusuke is a graduate of Berklee School of Music in Boston and have studied with Grammy nominated Saxophonist Kenny Garret and Trombonist Hal Crook.

He have released 4 studio recorded albums, which were reviewed by the famous jazz magazine "Jazz Life" and "CD Journal" as, "dramatic and melodical, the album is very well crafted with dynamic arrange and catchy melodies. Yusuke's playing and compositions are presented here with a high level of musicianship."


Yusuke plays regularly with his Metal Fusion group, "Enigmatic Drive"and also plays with his acoustic Jazz group, "Yusuke Musumiya Jazz Group",


Born in Saitama, Japan in 1980, Yusuke moved to United States of America at age of 10 and resided in Dublin, Ohio.

He was already familiar with the piano at that time, and started the Saxophone when he entered middle-school. Yusuke also started playing drums at age 16 which he soon played it professionally, supporting local professionals in Jazz clubs and parties.


He moved to Boson,MA in 1999 and entered Berklee College of Music where he studied Jazz theory, arrange and composition. Yusuke started his professional career

as a Saxophonist/Composer while attending college, working at Willow Entertainment Agency as a Saxophonist and Jazz band leader. Yusuke performed regularly and appeared in festivals until he moved back to Tokyo in 2005.


Currently, Yusuke teaches and performs in Tokyo area. He is working towards releasing new albums and tunes that is unique and experimental, and he is trying to reach even wider audiences through it.