Jazz Saxphonist・EWI Player・Composer

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Youtube Live "Jazz Qurantine in Japan" 2nd season is coming soon.

Lesson using ZOOM is now availble, starting from just 30min. Email me for details.


Yusuke Musumiya

Jazz Saxophonist,EWI Player,Composer

Yusuke is a Berklee College of Music graduate. He lived in Dublin, OH, USA from age 10 to end of college. 

After graduating from Berklee, he worked with Willow Entertainment Agency in Boston, appearing in festivals, clubs and worked in various party events. He also was given a job as an organizer, gathering musicians and working out deals with the clients.


Yusuke came back to Japan after a year of working in Boston area and started working as Jazz Saxophonist and EWI player, Composer in Tokyo Area.  He has released 3 original albums from the Vega Music Entertainment label, and currently performing and teaching in Tokyo, Japan, while working as a recording musician in TV shows, etc.


Yusuke is an endorser for AKAI "EWI", the electronic wind synthesizer.